Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Style/Concept research

After speaking with Alan today he said that some of the thumbnails that I had produced were like robots found in the 50's and 80's. Alan suggested that maybe that 'robot eras' could be attached to the robots within our animation. Today I have looked into some eras of robots. 

50's Robot
What I've noticed about 50's Robots is they're very blocky and seem to have restricted movement. These Robots were often made from Tin. 

80's robot
80's Robots are slightly less blocky however still maintain a cubelike shape. They may find it easier to move. They seem to be made of plastic. 

Modern Robot
Modern robots take on a more spherical shape and tend to have more limbs meaning their movement would be easier. They remind of apple products and would most likely be made of a more efficient plastic or metal.

In terms of our groups characters this could mean that our newest robot is designed after the modern robot, the older, jealous one is designed from the 80's era and the older robots are based on the 50's era.

We as a group also discussed style and environment. In terms of style we were thinking dim cell shaded colours and a black outline. In terms of of lab we thought that it would appear well used, slightly messy but overall a dim and worked in space. 

I looked at some images as a possible source of influence, including different types of labs in order for us to get the balance correct.

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