Thursday, 29 October 2015

Environment Art

A piece of environment art, this is our robot laboratory. A few things I want to capture are the minimal human presence, there is only a cap and lab coat and no personal effects. The lighting is to focus on the robots so that the audience sees them rather than the lab. The robot that is the target of jealousy is situated behind glowing computer screens and has cables running to it, like it is to be the centre of attention.

The general unkempt appearance of the lab is meant to evoke the emotions of a scientist who toils endlessly and probably painfully towards his goal of creating an emotional robot, as such there are spare parts and mess from where he has neglected to clean up in pursuit of his goal.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Character thumbnails

Experimenting with different forms of 20th century robots (left) and futuristic robots (Right).

Style/Concept research

After speaking with Alan today he said that some of the thumbnails that I had produced were like robots found in the 50's and 80's. Alan suggested that maybe that 'robot eras' could be attached to the robots within our animation. Today I have looked into some eras of robots. 

50's Robot
What I've noticed about 50's Robots is they're very blocky and seem to have restricted movement. These Robots were often made from Tin. 

80's robot
80's Robots are slightly less blocky however still maintain a cubelike shape. They may find it easier to move. They seem to be made of plastic. 

Modern Robot
Modern robots take on a more spherical shape and tend to have more limbs meaning their movement would be easier. They remind of apple products and would most likely be made of a more efficient plastic or metal.

In terms of our groups characters this could mean that our newest robot is designed after the modern robot, the older, jealous one is designed from the 80's era and the older robots are based on the 50's era.

We as a group also discussed style and environment. In terms of style we were thinking dim cell shaded colours and a black outline. In terms of of lab we thought that it would appear well used, slightly messy but overall a dim and worked in space. 

I looked at some images as a possible source of influence, including different types of labs in order for us to get the balance correct.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Developed Older Robot Thumbnails

Using the silhouettes that I created I made some more developed thumbnails for the older robot. I like 13, 14, 15, 18 and 21. I think they'd still need some tweaking but I think they're looking more like prototypes like we wanted. 

Concept thumbnails

Trying to get the feel of how the interior of
 a robotic lab will look like.
Playing around with the camera angles by
doing a rough storyboard, just to get a feel
 of how the story might play out.

Character thunmbnails

Experimenting with organic forms for the new robot and cubic forms for the older models of robots.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Robot Thumbnails

This is a gaggle of thumbnails for our robot character, they are stick figure basic and this is because I want to have the robots with a very basic shape, nothing too fancy geometrically. The idea being that in the course of developing a final product several prototypes will have been made, some are just basic experiments while others are attempts at finished work. Another part of these thumbnails is the attempt to try and simulate emotions using technical equipment like digital eyes, a ticker tape and a resistor that heats up when aggravated.

The blocky shapes are also about practicality, it feels as though our robots are the product of a lone scientist and not some high tech corporation with limitless resources.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Older Robot Initial shapes/ideas

 Here is some of the stuff that I have been working on in terms of visually showing the older robot.

I started making some thumbnails of general robots to try and figure out what our older robot may look like. I was experimenting with shapes and felt that blockier robots generally worked better.

I then made some robot silhouettes, this way I could keep the shape completely in mind. I think 3, 9 and 13 could possibly be developed further.

Story Idea so far

This is the story idea for our animation short so far. This is still being worked on but the premise of the story is there. 

Premise: A scientist has built a robot capable of human emotion. This Robot then becomes jealous of a new robot. 

Act 1
Exposition- We see the lab and the Scientist creating a new robot.
The scientist leaves the room the older robot can now see the new robot.

Act 2
The Robot begins to get jealous.
It compares it's body to the other robots.
It gradually gets more emotional from the jealously
The robot breaks down unable to cope with it's emotions 

Act 3
The scientist discovers the robot, broken down.
It is revealed that the older robot wasn't the only one and they were just another experiment stuck in a cycle of jealousy.

After speaking with Alan he asked us to work closer with our tonal montage, which means some adjustments to the story. He suggested having less happening at the start of the story which is something we are now discussing.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Tonal Montage

This is a tonal montage made for our group, it features footage from the Shrek 2 film and music from the trailer of Prometheus. This small clip was meant to emphasis horror in the story.